The bridge, which is named after Portland entrepreneur and civic leader Dan W. Burnside, was built in 1926 and opened to the public on May 28 of that year. Originally designed to be a drawbridge to allow ships to pass, it was later modified to a lift bridge in 1983, making it one of only two bascule bridges in the city.

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The bridge has had a significant role in the city’s history, serving as a primary link between the east and west sides of Portland. During the early 1900s, the east side of the bridge was an industrial area, while the west side was a bustling commercial center. The construction of the bridge allowed for easier transportation and trade between the two sides, driving economic growth in the city.

The Burnside Bridge is a stunning example of bridge engineering from the 1920s. It spans the Willamette River, connecting downtown Portland with the east side of the city. The bridge is 2,308 feet long and 64 feet wide, with an arched span of 340 feet that rises 65 feet above the river at its highest point.

The bridge’s striking green color is a result of its most recent renovation, which gave it a fresh coat of paint in 2012. The light green color was chosen to match the surrounding landscape and to give the bridge a more vibrant and modern appearance.

Beyond its functional and aesthetic qualities, the Burnside Bridge holds significant cultural value for the city of Portland. It is a symbol of the city’s history and growth, representing a key connection between the city’s past and present.

Additionally, the bridge holds a special place in the hearts of those who call Portland home. It is a place of gathering, celebration, and protest, with numerous events and demonstrations taking place on or near the bridge over the years.

In summary, the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon is a landmark of historical significance, architectural beauty, and cultural value. It serves as a vital link connecting the east and west sides of the city and is a symbol of Portland’s growth and progress throughout the years. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the Burnside Bridge is a must-see destination that should be on every traveler’s list.

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