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Do I Have To Leave My House While Getting A Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement can be a demanding task! Aside from being labor-intensive, it may also take a while to complete, depending on the size. If you experience severe storm damage and decide to contact a roofing contractor, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to stay home as the roofing process continues. This blog post will provide you with a good idea of what to do.

Why do I need a roof replacement?

Several factors will prompt a homeowner to want to get a brand new roof. Generally, most of the leading reasons behind roof replacements are:

Your roof is too old

If you have a roof that is twenty years old or more, this may indicate you need to get your roof replaced. Roofs typically last about 20-25 years before they begin to show their age and yield to wear and tear. Beyond this period, the structural damage will be evident, and your protection against elements will significantly be compromised.

You want to make your home energy-efficient

A new roof will help you save money on your energy bills. Most modern roofs are made to meet specific standards of “R-value,” which measures the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow, keeping warmth inside during winter and coolness in during the summer.

You have suffered storm damage

If your home has been through some severe weather conditions over the past few months, chances are you’ve sustained some damage to your roof. Roof replacement can be a way of closing these gaps and ensuring that your home’s roof remains intact in the future.

You want to enhance your curb appeal

A new roof can help transform a home from drab and outdated into something fabulous! It will also boost the value of your property! If you’ve been trying to renovate to put your home up for sale but lacked the time or energy to do so, a roof replacement is another way of enhancing curb appeal.

Can I stay home during the roof replacement process?

Yes! You can stay home even if you decide that a roof replacement is necessary for your property. The roof replacement will likely take a few days to complete if you have a smaller home. Even if you have a large home with multiple levels or layers to the roofing system, you can still choose to remain put as long as you follow all the safety guidelines! Ultimately, the final decision will boil down to what you prefer. Keep in mind that roof replacements can be noisy. If you’re working remotely or have young kids who take naps, it might be best to make arrangements to stay somewhere else for the time being.

What should I expect during roof replacement?

If you decide to remain in your home during a roofing job, you should brace for the following:

Roof replacement is noisy and rowdy

You can expect to hear the sound of sawing and hammering for several days. This can be a great nuisance for people trying to sleep, relax or work in the house. If you need peace, it would be best to leave your home during this period.

Roof replacement will create debris

The roof installation process is messy because there’s a lot of cutting involved and falling debris. You’ll find nails in the grass and roofing materials lying on the ground. Don’t be disturbed! Once the job is complete, the roofing company will ensure to clean up after themselves.

Protect your pets and kids

Since roof replacement is an inconvenient time for your kids and pets, it’s best to keep them out of the way. This will ensure that they are safe during this period! Most roofing contractors are happy to accommodate any specific needs and will be careful when working around pets or children.

How long does roof replacement last?

On average, roof replacement typically takes about two to three days. Of course, some projects take more time than this, and others will be completed in less! It all depends on the size of your home, how complicated its structure is, and what type of material you choose for your new roofing system. Ideally, the roofing company you hire should be in a position to give you a quote and completion time in advance.
Roofing Contractor Lake Oswego

Your Roof Replacement Specialists!

When you need roofing work on your property, you must choose a reputable roofing company for complete roof replacement in Lake Oswego. Luckily, HER Roofing can help get you a new roof with minimum interruption to your schedule. We work with high-quality materials and have experienced professionals to ensure your roof lasts for a lifetime. Give us a call!


When is the best time to replace my roof?

The best time for new roof installation is immediately after you spot potential problems with it. You can expect a long life from any new roofing system if you use the right materials and hire an experienced roofing contractor.

Will homeowner’s insurance cover roof replacement?

If you have a home insurance policy that covers roof replacement, it will likely only pay up to the actual cash value for your old roofing system. This means that you’ll still need to fork out some money from your pock Insurance companies usually agree to pay for old roof repair unless they see evidence of neglect on the homeowner’s part.

How much will it cost?

The cost of roofing replacement largely depends on the size and design of your home. Your roofing contractor will be able to provide you with the total price after an inspection of your roof is completed.

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Do I Have To Leave My House While Getting A Roof Replacement?

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