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Roof Repair

Reasons to Leave Roofing Repairs to the Pros

Do You Take The DIY Approach To Roof Repairs?

Suppose your roof needs repair. Suppose you consider yourself to be the “handy man” of the house and decide to save yourself some cash by undertaking the repairs on your own. This is the mindset of many homeowners. What if we told you professional repairs can save you money, time and provide a safer environment for you and your family?

Roof repairs are unlike any other DIY project you may have undertaken before. It is not the same as sealing a pipe leak under the kitchen sink. You will be high off the ground, on a steep, slanting surface. You may not have the tools necessary to fix the problem permanently. Roof repairs are high risk, and there are multiple factors that you should consider before thinking about taking the DIY approach. Here’s why it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Roofing Contractors Will Save You Time and Money

Think back to your last DIY project and ask yourself how long you really spent on it. Weeks? Months? How many days did you get home and tell yourself, “I’ll start it when I have the time”? Procrastination is inevitable with many DIY projects. During this time period, your home is vulnerable. If storms hit the area, this could cause additional damage to your home and lead to water damage and leaks throughout the roof, creating a bigger problem than you previously had.

Hiring professional and licensed workers to conduct your roof repair will give you access to the right tools and equipment needed to ensure the job is finished quickly and efficiently. You are also guaranteed your house will be protected from weather the entire time repairs are underway.

Professionals Have Access to the Best Materials

Roof and Gutter RepairIt seems as easy as driving down to the local hardware store to pick up your standard supplies. The fact is, professional materials are more durable and will provide high-performance, premium protection for your home. The local home repair store simply does not have the high caliber equipment you need to ensure your repair is a long-term solution.

The other problem that may arise through the DIY route is choosing the best materials for repairing your roof possible, as different materials will have vastly different properties that will benefit your roof in distinctly different ways. Save yourself the trouble of choosing and leave it to a qualified professional. They have knowledge and experience to decide which products will benefit your home when it comes to those vitally important choices.

Safety First

This is probably the most important reason not to attempt a DIY roof repair. Though you may be comfortable with walking up ladders or on a rooftop, there are numerous threats to your health that you may be unaware of, especially if you are inexperienced in working on a damaged roof. One wrong step on a rotten roof deck could cause a collapse. All it takes is one loose tile or shingle that can cause an accident putting you out of work for weeks – or even months.

Trained professionals are aware of rooftop weak points and pitfalls, making them fully capable of tackling any problem your roof poses in a careful and safe manner. It’s better not to put yourself at risk.

Roofing Contractors are Experts

We’ve all been at the point in a DIY project where we decide to take shortcuts. Temporary solutions for your roof repairs are not the answer. A haphazard patch up will only delay the inevitable re-emergence of the original problem. But now it may be worse. The damage could have spread during this interim, and there will be no choice but to seek licensed help for a problem that may cost you twice as much now.

Delaying a legitimate repair could cost you an incredible amount in the long run. Hiring a contracted professional that can evaluate, repair and prevent further damage can save you money – without compromising your homes safety.

For these key reasons and more, hire professional help for safe and successful roof repairs. It will pay off, leaving you dry, free of worry and most importantly: with your feet on the ground.

HER Approach To Roof Repairs

With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, HER Roofing is committed to bringing honesty, equality, and respect to the roofing industry and passing that on to all of our clients. When you choose to have your roof repaired by HER Roofing you will receive honest pricing and detailed estimates. We will not cut corners with our materials or our service. Call us today and ask us about our roof repair services!


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Reasons to Leave Roofing Repairs to the Pros

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