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Recommendations for Roof Cleaning in the Pacific Northwest

When Should I Clean My Roof?

The changing of the seasons can be a beautiful experience in the Pacific Northwest, but they can wreak havoc on your roof. Rain, fog, ice, and even shade from large trees can create a perfect environment for moss and fungi to grow. Moss, mildew, algae, and lichen grow into your shingles and wear away at the roofing material. They can even lift shingles. This creates space for water to accumulate and enter your home. Many people ask, “How often should I consider roof cleaning services?” Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. How often you should clean your roof really depends on several factors that affect the condition of your roof. First, we’ll talk about how to safely and effectively clean a roof.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Roof experts will recommend that you don’t climb up on the roof yourself. We’ve seen too many serious injuries to people who were being cautious but simply didn’t have the expertise to navigate the roof safely. Moss, fungi, and moisture make your roof slippery, so we suggest that you leave it to a professional.

Professional roofing contractors know how to get the job done right, so your roof will need to be cleaned less frequently. We offer a free preliminary roof inspection. This allows us to identify cracks, leaks and other issues causing roof damage. We will fix any problems we find so your roof will stay strong and clean longer. Additionally, we do not just pressure wash your roof. Our roof cleaning treatments inhibit the growth of moss, algae, and lichens. Now let’s figure out how often you should have someone clean your roof!

Factors that Affect Your Roof’s Condition

There are two major causes of dirty and moss-covered roofs:

  • Excessive moisture that promotes moss, fungi, and bacteria growth
  • Structural damage that allows water to seep under your shingles or tiles where the sun can’t reach.

Heavy Rainfall

Water that accumulates on your roof from rain, creates the perfect moist environment for bacteria, moss, and fungi to thrive. After extra rainy winters, you might notice a lot more moss and fungus growth on your roof than usual. The amount of rain that falls on your roof has a tremendous effect on how often you should get it cleaned. If you’re not sure whether your roof needs to be cleaned or not, you can contact us for a free inspection and estimate. Mossy Roof

Excessive Shade

Many homes in the Pacific Northwest are nestled under the cover of large trees. Trees are beautiful — they help keep your home cool in the summer and increase the value of your property. Unfortunately, they can also make it hard for moisture to evaporate off your roof. If your roof is in a shaded area, you’ll probably need a roof inspection and cleanings more often.

Falling Leaves and Other Debris

If you often notice leaves or other debris from trees accumulating on your roof, you may want to think about more frequent roof cleanings. When leaves cover your roof, they also trap moisture, which makes it easier for moss, fungi, and bacteria to grow, which can also cause the development of leaks. As we know, excess moisture is bad news for roofs in the Pacific Northwest!

Other Factors

There are many other reasons you may need either more frequent roof cleanings or extra roof maintenance than normal.

Here are a few:

  • A snowy winter, when snow was on top of your roof for a long period of time
  • An intense wind or hailstorm that may have caused damage to your roof shingles, tiles, or shakes
  • Damage to your roof from a fallen tree or branch
  • Critters and birds carrying spores from one roof top to the next
  • Any time you notice leaking, missing shingles or other signs of damage

Is Your Roof Due for a Cleaning?

If you think your roof needs to be cleaned, or if you’re not sure, HER Roofing can help! Our friendly and professional consultants will look at your roof and recommend only the services we know will benefit you and your roof. Aside from cleaning, HER Roofing also offers other services. We can clear out your gutters while we’re up there. Gutter cleaning reduces pools of standing water. This not only keeps your roof in better condition, but it also eliminates a breeding site for mosquitoes and other pest bugs.

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Recommendations for Roof Cleaning in the Pacific Northwest

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